The Skin of Fashion

The Mossée designer aims to delve into comfort and luxury with quality fabrics, cuts and styles designed for women’s different shapes. They give you confidence to face whatever your day brings, be it at work, a night on the town, or just lounging around with friends and family. By wearing Mossée garments you are guaranteed to depart in comfort and arrive in style.

An Unmistakable Softness

We have explicitly chosen one of the finest fabrics available for the Mossée Essential range and collections. The fabric, Micro-modal is exclusively made from superfine yarns which aid comfort, breath-ability and water absorption, allowing a feeling of naturalness and providing the ultimate in skin sensation which is the key to this fabric’s popularity.

Softness through and through, Micro-modal has epitomised pure luxury. The ultimate sensual feeling is “just right” for the skin. The fiber remains wonderfully soft and the colours retain their natural brilliance even after repeated washing. This wonderful world of micro-fiber – fine, finer and the very finest – enriches the textile to become simply weightless, giving the sensation of a second layer of skin.

Beech wood – The origin of Micro-modal

The Micro-modal material has its origins in European beech wood, a natural raw material which is sustainably managed. The cellulose is extracted from this indigenous wood and used for the making of modal. The quality is guaranteed through the control of the whole manufacturing process from wood to fiber. The standards of the raw material defines the quality, making Modal so distinctive and is 100% natural. Micro-modal can be spun into extremely fine yarns – a touch of nature and always eco-friendly.